Want to rent a luxury motorhome? The Camper Rent has several DELUXE motorhomes where you enjoy extra freedom, space and comfort.

Our luxury rental motorhomes include a standing height of up to 215 centimeters. The camper also has a large round seat with luxury cabin seats and comfort beds. Want to rent a luxury motorhome? Check out the offer above.

You are always welcome to tour these. Whether you have been camping for years or are getting started for the first time. Renting an RV from The Camper Rent is easy, you enjoy the very latest models of motorhomes and we make sure that everything has been thought of.

  • Our luxury motorhomes can be driven with a normal driving license (driver's license B).
  • All luxury motorhomes come with an environmental sticker for Germany.
  • The luxury motorhomes come with a complete inventory.
  • Roadside assistance is included and throughout Europe.
  • Bringing pets is allowed, you must return the motorhome clean and odorless.
  • 1750 km free travel per week (after that € 0.35 cents per extra km)

Want to learn more about our terms and conditions or have other questions? Read on here: